Bringing digital tachograph training to the South and West

Actia SmarTach
Siemens DTCO 1381
Stoneridge 5000

"it is an offence to drive a vehicle fitted with a digital tachograph and not use a digital tachograph drivers card"

"new enforcement powers of stop, or search and seizure"

"training courses to suit your needs, when you need them, using your kind of tachograph"

"the micro-chip recording and enforcement of drivers' hours has arrived"

first digital tachograph vehicles arrived in the South West

mandatory fitment of digital tachographs to all new "qualifying" vehicles

in either event, your drivers will need to be conversant with this new and very different technology

  • driver training on the use of the equipment
  • supervisor training on the understanding, its supervision and archiving
  • management training on new procedures, responsibilities and benefits
  • be aware of new enforcement powers and requirements

Training for all levels of staff as the need arises

  • City and Guilds accredited trainer
  • Conversant with all manufacturers' units
  • Classroom and "hands on" training
  • Guidance through legislation / unit operation and data storage

Accident / incident assistance, download and backup